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Summer School?




Students can now receive additional Pell Funding for the summer. The amount of Pell that a student can receive during the summer is up to 50 percent of their annual Pell award.

Students need to check with their University or a community college where they intend to take Summer classes now to see if they qualify.

In order to use the additional Pell for summer, a student must be:

  1. An eligible Title IV student, who has filed and completed the FAFSA process and is found to qualify for Pell;
  2. Registered in at least six credit hours;
  3. Making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) based upon student’s Spring Term grades. If a student is no longer eligible for Pell, they should be notified by their school and reflected on the student account;
  4. Summer Pell is for continuing students and transfer students who have used up their 100 percent eligibility.  New students for summer will receive their regular Pell awards. This additional Pell counts towards a student’s lifetime eligibility amount.

For example: A student who has attended Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 and has received $4,000 in Pell will be eligible to receive up to 50 percent of the current award or $2,000 for summer. The student must meet all the conditions described above.

Tip for attending different schools:

Plan ahead by listing potential new schools or community colleges when you fill out your annual application for funds. Your FAFSA lets you list up to 10 schools, each of which will receive your financial aid information.

If you have filed your FASA, you still have options for adding schools to your list of colleges. You may log in and make revisions to your original filing by deleting schools to add new ones. Alternately, you can give your future school your name, Social Security number and the data release number, or DRN, that appears on the student aid report you received from FAFSA. The school then adds its name to your list. The Federal Student Aid Information Center also will update your FAFSA if you phone 1-800-4FED-AID and provide your DRN.