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Most Common Questions on Application

Where do I go on the Website to apply?

Go to the Smith Scholarship Foundation Website: (www.smithscholarships.com). On the Home Page click on “Apply for the Smith Scholarship Here!

How do I get back on the application? Once you have created an “Account”, remember that your “required” email address and password will be your “Keys” to return to the application. You can return to your application as many times as you desire. However, once you click on “Submit”, you cannot return to your application. Note: DO NOT click on “Submit” until you are completely finished with your application.

Do I have to finish the entire application at one time? No… You do not have to complete it all at once, however make sure the deadline to submit your application is December 1, 2017 and letters of recommendation are due by January 15, 2018. ALL ATTACHMENTS MUST BE UPLOADED OR EMAILED to the Foundation no later than January 15, 2018.

What if I do not know the answers to some of the questions? If you are unsure of any of the questions, please contact thoroughly review the “commonly asked questions” on the website and then contact the  Smith Scholarship Office via email (appsupport@smithscholarships.com) for further assistance. Be sure to remember your username and password to return to your application for completion.

What if I do not have the Income Tax information filled out for this year yet? FASFA 2018-19 uses 2017  Tax Information and the application can be filed starting October 1, 2017 for aid to be used in 2018-19. When filling out your FASFA use the information for the household you currently reside in if your parents are not supporting you. If you are homeless or a ward of the state or receiving no support, please follow the FASFA rules carefully so you are properly classified for aid.


The new FASFA form allows you to directly access IRS tax information while completing the new form. The FASFA application must be filed before SSF application is submitted and proof provided. “Proof” of your FASFA filing can be as simple as a screenshot of the notice of filing. If unusual circumstances prevent you from submitting the FASFA, contact SSF as soon as possible with written explanation of steps taken to complete, missing information and an explanation regrading such information.  Please visit the FAFSA website for announcements and changes to your FAFSA application. 

Can I mail the application in?  No. The application is not formatted for print out. Therefore, if you have issues submitting your application, call us and we will help. Public libraries often have computers available for use or ask your school counselor to use the school’s computer. The application can also be completed on a smart phone or mobile device.

What if I do not have information for Mother or Father? Enter “N/A” and make note on your Application, explaining your circumstances as directed on the Application instructions in significant detail to allow SSF to understand your current living arrangements and what events led to your situation.

What if I have not taken the ACT? List the date you are scheduled to take the ACT and follow up by providing your scores. You must take the ACT to be eligible for this scholarship.

When is the ACT test given? Most areas offer the test on September 9, 2017, October 28, 2017, December 9, 2017, February 10, 2018, April 11, 2018 and June 9, 2018.  Deadlines for registering six weeks before there dates. There are waivers to cover the cost of taking the exam. Take the test multiple times to increase your score. Ask your counselor or Upward Bound representative for help. See www.act.org.

Who should apply for financial aid? All applicants are required to apply for financial aid. All recipients of the Smith scholarship are required to provide proof of filing the FASFA Form. Recipients of the SSF Scholarship must complete all follow up information required by FASFA or their college before awards will be final.

Why should I apply for financial aid? Financial aid is available to assist students and families in meeting the costs of a college education. The total amount of funding by SSF may not cover all college cost and grants and other scholarships can help fund gaps.

What if I have not applied for college admission? List the schools you plan to apply and why you have a preference for that institution. Apply for College ASAP. Deadlines for University Scholarships are early so review scholarships offered by several institutions. The SSF Application requires that you apply to at least 3 other scholarships, including scholarships provided by each of your preferred institutions before December 1, 2017 to maximize your potential aid.

Example. If you list 2 colleges as preferred, you must apply to each college and their scholarship program(s) and an additional outside scholarship. If you apply to 3 colleges and all 3 of their scholarship programs, you have met your minimal requirement of 3 “other” scholarships.


College Scholarship Deadlines

Auburn University has a December 1, 2017 deadline for freshmen who must apply using “AUSOM” and complete the admission application. (See Auburn website.)

University of Montevallo – Application must be submitted before students qualify for college scholarships:

Academic and Leadership:                  December 1, 2017

Academic Recognition:                       December 1, 2017

Freshman Leadership:                         December 1, 2017

MLK:                                                     December 1, 2017

Presidential:                                          December 1, 2017

Ambassador:                                         January 15, 2017


Troy – See Troy “Online Scholarships” and the Troy website for deadlines as they may vary by campus and scholarship type.

USA – Requires Admissions Application to be completed by December 1, 2017. Some scholarships are automatic for freshman; others require a separate scholarship application.

UAB – Requires students to submit admissions application and all required documentation by December 1, 2017 for all ACT and GPA scholarships. See “BSMART”, the Blazer scholarship management.

SSF has established new deadlines to try and encourage all students to qualify for both institutional or college provided aid and governmental aid both state and federal. Students need to understand the cost of College requires extensive effort in finding and applying for all available aid.  It takes time…. but its worth it!!

Please visit college websites and contact scholarship personnel at your selected universities. Examples provided may be updated and should not be relied upon.