Re‐Application Cheat Sheet

Dear Scholars:

Re‐Application Cheat Sheet

     It is that time of year again – Reapplications are due by June 15, 2022. The information required for this re‐application consists of documentation of your compliance with the Smith Guidelines. It may be helpful to re‐read the guidelines before starting your application so the context of the questions and documents will be clearer. Hopefully, you have been collecting your documents throughout the year. If you have not, please make sure and do so for next year’s application to make it easier on you. Team Leaders are a great source of information and you are encouraged to talk to them about events as they submit a monthly report to SSF and retain documentation.

     Be honest in your answers and if you are short on hours or activities, explain the plans you have made to make up the hours. Re‐Applications will not be approved until requirements have been completed.

If you need volunteer hours, please let us know.

     We will work with you to fulfill your volunteer activities, but you must put forth the effort. Attached is a “Cheat Sheet” to assist in completing the application. Please read the Guidelines and the Cheat Sheet Memo before emailing any questions.

     A copy of the re‐application is located in the Forms Section on Scholar Café. Below is a link to the online version.

Online Version

Thanks. Ahrianpage1image52031680

“Cheat Sheet”

The re‐application includes minimum instructions because the guidelines explain many questions.

This memo contains brief explanations for completing the re‐application. You should use it as well as the guidelines to complete the form.

If there has been a change in your name or your self‐identification, let us know.

This should be the email you will use for all your Smith correspondence.

By providing the number and provider, SSF can create text for group or team


Name of College:
Pretty self‐explanatory

Estimated Graduation Date:
Use the date you anticipate completing your degree and indicate both month and year. If this changes, you need to update the information.

What is your Major?
SSF scholars are not required to declare a major until sophomore second semester. If you changed your major and update your SSF.

What is your Minor?
Same as above. Scholars should discuss their selection with school advisors and

Mentors. If you are pre‐professional (medical, law, etc.), you must notify SSF so we can reach out to an SSF alum to serve as a professional Mentor to guide you on your education track.

What is your cumulative GPA?
Provide overall GPA as well as your GPA for the Fall and Spring semesters (see Guidelines).

Upload transcript:
As soon as it is available. Make sure it is legible. Use Scan App instead of a photo. This reduces the data size.page2image51910656 page2image51910848 page2image51911040 page2image51911232

Did you require tutoring?
If you were a freshman, the answer is yes. If you are an upperclassman who made a “C” or less in a class, tutoring is required. (see Guidelines).

Upload verification indicating your name, tutor’s name, and signature along with subject matter, date of tutoring, and length of the session. (Scholar Café Form).

Have you been hired for an internship?
Guidelines require co‐op, internship, pre‐approved intensive shadowing, and work in a scholar’s major. No funds will be distributed if the scholar fails to fulfill this requirement before their senior year.

Provide the requested information in as much detail as possible.

Please upload a copy of your Employment Resume.
All scholars should have a resume on file to provide to prospective employers immediately. Having a resume on file at SSF also allows our staff to share the resume with multiple contacts. If you do not currently have a resume, begin work on it and notify your school placement office as well as Lewis. (Use scanning or Scan App).

In the past year, have you ever been placed on probation or had your Smith Scholarship terminated? If you have been placed on probation or received warnings regarding your scholarship status, information addressing this should be included in your self‐evaluation essay. Address the reason for probation and efforts to comply with remediation.

Have you attended counseling?
Counseling is required. The number of sessions is based upon your therapist’s recommendations which must be in writing. If your therapist indicated “as needed” you must attend at least once a semester. If you have not complied, set up the appointment now and indicate your intent to comply. Documentation requires your name, provider’s name, date, length, and a copy of the therapy plan indicating the frequency of prescribed visits. (Scholar Café Form).

Graduation/Class Audit
The audit must be signed by an academic advisor for sophomores and beyond. Attached graduation or class audit signed by your school advisor. This document has different names, but it details the classes you have completed, and the remaining classes needed to comply with your degree obligations. Requirements for degrees change, consequently, it is imperative that you have this document updated each semester.

page3image51911616 page3image51911808 page3image51912000 page3image51912192 page3image51912384

Review guideline requirements. If you were deficient last year, indicate your make‐up work. If you are deficient this year, indicate your specific plans to make up the required hours before August 1, 2022.

Supplemental submissions updating makeup volunteer work must be provided to the Executive Director no later than August 1st via email and attachments with a copy to Kim.

Please upload documents supporting your volunteer activities. (Scholar Café Form).

Awards and Activities of Current Year:
Brag on yourself! You have earned it and we want to celebrate and share in your accomplishments.

Upload copies of award certificates, newspaper write‐ups, and pictures of award events. (Scan or use Scan App instead of photos of documents).

Clubs, School Organizations:
Let us know what you have been involved in over the past year. Frisbee golf teams do count! List official clubs and honor organizations as well as fun items, intramurals, dance, and art performances – tell us how you spent your time.

Upload pictures, school listings or papers, short essays about the activity, and plans for future adventures. (Scan or use Scan App instead of photos of documents).

Team Activities:
List events, provide short descriptions, add any pictures or copies of programs, ticket stubs, etc. (Scan or use Scan App instead of photos of documents).

Mentor Acknowledgement:
Advise us if you are willing to serve as a Team Leader or can assist in team activities for the next year.

Self‐Evaluation Letter:
Please be honest and transparent in your evaluation. This letter is to help you evaluate your personal, academic, and professional journey through the past year. This essay is not “graded”, but it must be complete and cover each item listed on the form. These letters not only help you gauge areas for future focus, but they are also especially useful for graduate and professional school applications when you are asked to describe your growth and experiences in undergraduate studies. (See Guidelines and Checklist)

page4image51913344 page4image51913536 page4image51913728page4image51913920 

Cultural and Ethnic Experiences:
Throughout the year, we have provided emails and answered questions on how to fulfill cultural requirements. If you were lucky enough to attend an in‐person event, please provide programs, ticket stubs, or photos. For online experience, you will need to prepare a brief description of the event describing the activity, and how you responded emotionally or physically to the experience. Include links to the event along with the date and time of your virtual attendance.

Study Abroad/or Away:
Self Explanatory. Rising Juniors and Seniors make plans now (See Guidelines).

Self Explanatory

Follow instructions. Pre‐approval form should be included and uploaded.

2022/23 Registration
Self‐explanatory. “EFC” stands for Estimated Family Contribution”. Scholars will need to update the FASFA information as it is reviewed by your college. Advise of any changes or additional requirements imposed by your school’s financial aid department.

Follow directions and use RFP or RFR if needed.

Scholarship and Additional Information:
SSF is a last-dollar supplemental scholarship. The goal of every scholar should be to apply for as much aid in scholarships and grants as possible. Scholarships are accolades and provide funding allowing SSF to help more students. When you obtain another scholarship, you are paying it forward by providing additional funding for future SSF scholars.

The Scholar Café contains budget templates to assist students in preparing for the next year. Budgets are one of the most important tools that will enable you to become independent and self‐supporting. Your budget should be realistic – do not guess. It should indicate the source of funding for each expense. It should also highlight GAPS in financial funding. Once these gaps are identified, SSF will work with you to develop a plan to meet your financial needs.

Summer School:
Assistance with summer classes is limited. Request for attendance should be made at the earliest date possible. (See Guidelines and Scholar Café Forms).page5image51916032 page5image51916224 page5image51916416 page5image51916608page5image51916800

Summer Employment:
Some jobs are better than others. While one job may pay more than another, scholars should evaluate whether the job provides professional experience in their selected major. Scholars are encouraged to pursue opportunities that advance their studies and professional contacts.

Summer Housing:
If you choose to secure summer activities that advance your career choice or you need safe housing, scholars may request to live at the Smith House. Requests should be made at the Smith House Portal or to Kim at her email.

Thank you for reading this Memo. I hope it assists you in preparing your re‐application. Encourage other team members to work together to complete the re‐application form. Help each other proofread and double-check required attachments. Remember to use scanning and Scan Apps to reduce data when uploading attachments. No Google Docs will be accepted.

If you still have questions after reading the Guidelines and this Memo, email your questions instead of calling.

Thank you – We are so proud of your hard work. Do not panic over the re‐application. It should be taken very seriously, but we will always work with you if you put in the effort.

For help with the re‐application, email me, Kim, Urist, or Lewis after you read the Guidelines and discuss it with your Team Leader.


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