With the resurgence of the Covid outbreaks, including the variants that are proving to be extremely transmissible, it is the policy of SSF that no scholar, speaker, or alumni will be permitted to attend SSF events unless they have been fully vaccinated.

     Attendees at SSF events include scholars, staff, and alumni with small children that cannot receive the vaccine and several with immune-compromised health issues.

     This will be the standard policy for SSF until and if additional or new medical and legal guidance is available for best practices.

     If a scholar is unable to attend a mandatory event due to this policy, they must submit a waiver request pursuant to guidelines and fully explain factors including religious or medical facts supporting exemptions.  Scholar’s waivers that are accepted will be required to complete alternative or substitute programs, seminars, or events to fulfill the mandatory event attendance requirements.

    Current attendees for Boot Camp II are eligible for a $300.00 payment when they submit a copy of their Covid vaccine by July 19, 2021.  All attendees must submit Covid vaccine verification to attend Boot Camp II.  Those seeking waivers or exemptions should file documentation immediately.