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The Smith Foundation has awarded over 350 partial and full scholarships investing over $15 million in funding and support programs since 2005.  When SSF was founded, it received Governmental Recognition as the largest private scholarship program exclusively for Alabama students.  Our Founder, Mignon C. Smith, believed the young people of our state were the greatest resource in Alabama. 

Her vision of supporting students to obtain a college degree has continued to grow as successful Smith Scholars now have support available at the graduate and professional level if they complete the undergraduate Smith programs. 

Graduating Alabama seniors, including home schooled students, are encouraged to apply for the Smith Scholarship early.  Deadline for completed applications will be January 19, 2022.  Each application requires personal background information, transcripts, description of school and community involvement.  Three 300-500-word essays and a 500-word minimum personal statement.  Letters of recommendation answering specific questions about the applicant are required.  Students may also add optional submissions of written works, art, and upload vocal, music or dramatic pieces if they desire at their sole discretion.  Such submissions are completely voluntary.

Applications are reviewed multiple times to ascertain the applicant’s financial need, academic merit, commitment to volunteer, community service, and/or assistance to family members.  Key factors include the student’s success in overcoming financial, physical, or other obstacles demonstrating both their commitment to pursue an education and their dedication to helping others with true compassion and empathy.

While a C+ GPA is required, no specific ACT/SAT score is included.  Students must complete either the ACT or SAT and the FASFA application.  Applications with a FASFA Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) above $5,000 must include an explanation as to factors impacting the financial situation such as medical bills, illness, or job loss.

Scholars will be awarded both partial and full scholarships ranging from $500 to $15,000 per year with additional opportunities 

including dorm packs, computer, Mentoring, counseling programs, professional preparation, and assistance with internships and co-ops as well as professional attire.

Those awarded a full scholarship by the Board of Trustees will be provided options to attend Alabama community and 4-year colleges based upon extensive evaluation of several factors.  Applicant’s college readiness, need for remedial assistance, major or study of
interest as well as availability of other financial aid and scholarships are considered.  The student’s preference will also be a factor, but the distance from family or other distractions along with SSF’s need to balance teams across universities to create secure, cohesive SSF support systems must be balanced as well. Instructions are provided on the online application. 




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