About Us


            The Smith Foundation provides financial scholarships annually to deserving Alabama students.  Applications open each Fall, typically in September or October, and close the first week in January.  Applications are announced on the website and every high school in the state receives written and/or phone contact to alert counselors, English teachers, or other school staff.  Follow the instructions located on the Smith Foundation website to obtain the link to the application.

            The application contains short answer questions for personal, academic, and financial information.  Smith scholarships are need-based scholarships that require completion of the FAFSA and an explanation of financial SAI exceeding $5,000. 

            Applicants must complete several essay questions on topics related to their personal story, future goals as well as volunteer or community service.  Participation in sports, band, cheer, yearbook, and other leadership positions should also be included.  Finally, at least 2 letters of recommendation using a Smith-provided Letter of Recommendation Form must be completed and returned electronically.

            Uploaded attachments include transcripts, documentation of Pell completion, and optional submissions of artwork, music, dance, poetry, writing, or other talent the student desires to add.

            Applicants should read all instructions and complete the checklist before submission of the online application.  Make sure to consult “Commonly Asked Questions” for additional information.

            The Smith Foundation awards scholarships that range from $500 to $20,000 for undergraduate studies.  These scholarships are supplemental last-dollar awards in which Smith provides funding after the payment of all other scholarships, aid, or grants (excluding student loans which are prohibited).  Students selected to participate in the Full Scholarship Program receive assistance from Mentors, Internship Coaches, Co-op, professional development guidance, and the opportunity to qualify for Study Abroad Scholarships.  Outstanding students who complete the full program are eligible to apply for graduate and professional scholarships to continue their studies.

            The Smith Scholarship Program is a strict accountability program that requires superior academic and leadership participation.  Each university will have a Team with Team Leaders to coordinate assistance and oversee required tutoring, counseling, and cultural event attendance. 

Smith scholars must complete required volunteer, and community service and attend Smith-sponsored events and seminars.  Most importantly, Smith Scholars must genuinely desire to give back and help others.

Scholarships are awarded in April for the following Fall and Spring academic year.  Typically, 10 to 15 full scholarships are awarded with additional partial awards provided as well.  Full scholarships are renewable upon completion of renewal application and compliance with Foundation guidelines. 

Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA, graduate from an Alabama High School, and demonstrate volunteer and community service while overcoming personal and financial hardships.

Selected students must prioritize education and agree to limit work during school while abiding by guidelines designed to assist the student academically, professionally, and expanding cultural appreciation.  These guidelines include university selection by the Board of Trustees, tutoring, mental health counseling, applying for additional scholarships, residing on campus all 4 years while participating in internships or co-ops to ensure professional employment upon graduation or acceptance into graduate and professional school.

Smith has awarded over 500 scholarships with funding support and program support in excess of $15 million since its inception in 2004. It takes a special student to be selected and maintain Smith Scholarship status. 

Mission Statement

To provide a legacy of learning to those students who have given back to their community through volunteer work and assistance to family.  To assist those students in becoming productive members of society who possess independence, morality, and good citizenship.  To encourage these leaders of the future to devote their talents and education to their community, state, and nation by providing their fellow man with an example of compassionate citizenship.

For additional information, please email our staff at Kim@smithscholarships.net